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Vendor Management System – Is a vendor facing system that allows vendors to bid on various solicitations.  It also gives the ability for electronic invoices to be processed through an accounting system.

Other functionalities include:

  • Managing and communicating with third-party suppliers of goods and services. It is a vendor facing system that also handles other functionalities such as, Invoice processing and payment information. 

  • Electronic Catalog Management (ECM) offers vendors the capability to submit cataloged items for approval. Items can then be reviewed before the final submission.  These items will become available to users for purchasing.

  • This system can be customized to fit a range of business needs. Please contact us for more details.

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Payroll / HR Systems –  HR management systems is designed to help payroll administration and employees.  Reporting analytics across all payroll functions gives HR and company leadership the decision-making insight needed in the business.

Functionalities include:

  •  Direct Deposit.

  • Commuter benefits.

  • View paystub information and  accrual balances.

  • Print, view W2s and 1099s

  • This portal can be used for most Payroll / HR needs.

  • Garnishment Payment Services

  • General Ledger Interface

  • HR Helpdesk

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Financial Operational System – Allows the exchange of funds between financial participants such as business users, vendors. They consist of complex, closely related services and institutions intended to provide an efficient and regular linkage between users and vendors. 

Our functionalities include:

  • View and purchase a catalog of items being offered by vendors with an audit trail that track any items ordered.

  • Maintain budgets and all other accounting functionality.

  • Manage the invoices sent by the vendors through multiple methods.

  • Electronic Delivery Interface (EDI) for orders and invoices.

  • Generate robust financial reports.

  • Incorporate business travel applications to reimburse travelers.

  • Review transaction history.

  • E-Fax & Email directly from the application.