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We come with over fifteen years of experience building financial, payroll / HR, contract, and procurement applications.  Based on our experience in the public and private sectors, we at Pollux Sun are very excited to put our years and experience to work for you. 

Pollux Sun is the brainchild of a close set of highly qualified professionals with a wide range of experiences in software and infrastructure. Our IT Consulting Services helps organizations to articulate business objectives and drivers for the benefits they are seeking by leveraging the latest technologies for a competitive advantage. It also helps them to evolve their overall strategy, roadmap, and intermediate milestones in deploying IT Solutions. 

We deliver value through the combination of professionals, processes, technologies, and program management solutions. Our approach includes applying domain expertise in the industry.  


We utilize highly qualified technological professionals, leveraging a proven standard delivery model that offers various development options. We implement quality processes and methodologies while staying cost-effective.